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How To Identify Toenail Fungus Infection Symptoms And Its Treatment


Toenail fungus like any other infection in the body cause discomfort and to severe stages it causes pain. If you feel discomfort in any of your toe, you should be able to detect changes that appear on the nail. There are symptoms of toenail fungus that appear and are detectable before seeing a doctor. Here are some of the ways on how to identify toenail fungus infection symptoms and its treatment.


The first thing you notice is the discolouration of the toenail. If you see yellow or white spots below your nails or on the sides of the nail, then that is the first symptom. When this appears, the nail may not be painful, so this symptom is mostly ignored and confused with an injury. With time the spots turn to a dark colour, as the infection becomes more severe.


The nails will also start changing their texture. If you touch your nails and you feel they have become more brittle or softer, and you have the first symptom, then you should be alarmed. The nails also start losing their shiny look and become dull. They also thicken and their shape becomes distorted. The toenail also crumbles, as part of the nail start breaking away. Know more at this website https://www.britannica.com/topic-browse/Life-and-the-Biosphere/Fungi about fungus.


With time if the toenails are left untreated for long, the nails start giving off a bad odour. This is caused by the building up of dead cells around your nails. By this time, the toe also becomes painful, when walking or when you put any pressure on the toenail. If you do not treat your toenail early, the nail may come off the foot and you will be left with empty skin on the toe.


You should see your doctor early so that the infection is treated early enough. The doctor examines your toe and prescribes the right treatment according to the severity of the infection. You may be given oral antifungal tablets that you are required to take. The doctor may also prescribe medicated nail polish at www.nailfungusconsumerreview.com, which you apply on the infected toenail. You may also be prescribed to medicated nail cream, which you will rub on your infected toenail.


You may also try home remedies before the infection is severe, maybe on the first symptoms like nail discolouration. Some home remedies include extracts from snakeroot extract, tea tree oil, olive leaf extract, vinegar and also garlic. Although while using home remedies, you should seek help from experts on herbal nail fungus medicine or even doctors on how best to use them. This helps you use the right quantities and at the right intervals. Toenail fungus infection can be very severe, so treat them early.